Epoxydic primer of strong adhesion with high mechanical strength. It protects the metal from rust and strokes for many years. It is suitable for iron, bronze, galvanized and aluminum. Available in all KEMILAC-RAL and NCS shades. Diluted with a 07/D nitro thinner in a proportion of 10%.


Very high-quality base color for strong outdoor protection. It is applied as a final coat on wood and metal, mainly for outdoor space. It provides excellent waterproofing and maximum protection against solar radiation. Ideal for extreme weather conditions and is suitable for boats and constructions near the sea. Diluted with thinner Speciale SV 30%.

LAB SA 15: Special varnish for adhesion on bronze and aluminum

It is characterized for its quick drying. Available in all KEMILAC-RAL and NCS shades. Diluted with polyurethane thinner in proportion of 20%.

Fire resistant acrylic paint (OCV 869 RF)

Certified, fire-resistant acrylic varnish. Available in matte and satin and is characterized for its hardness, fast drying, yellowing resistance, finish on vertical surfaces and water resistance. It is diluted with polyurethane thinner in a proportion of 20-40%.


Painting of difficult surfaces (stainless steel, plastic, galvanized)


Metal paint range without the addition of pigments.