The water-based varnish 2960 is available in 3 different gloss: 10%,30%,60%. It is certified by the CATAS Institute for its resistance to pressure, scratches, chemicals, stains, etc. Its coverage is about 10-15 square meters per hand. It is characterized for its excellent transparency and durability.


1527 is an acrylic varnish for parquet, certified by the CATAS institute for its anti-scratching properties and stain resistance. It has excellent transparency and its application can be done only with a spray gun


Pavilux varnish is available only in glossy. It shows excellent surface hardness due to its concentrated structure, as well as insulating properties in moisture. Suitable for wooden for wooden parquet, insulation on concrete floors and terrace and for painting industrial floors. Its coverage is about 10-14 sq.m. Depending on the absorbency of the painted surface.

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