Vermac is an import company of varnishes and paints that distributes its products all over Greece. The specialization and expertise for the application of paint on wood,glass and metal, makes us pioneers in Greece and abroad. The products we dispense in the Greek market are produced in Italy by Kemichal, a company which we represent exclusively in the whole of Greece. All products are manufactured in accordance with the European specifications and international regulations. Our goal is the complete satisfaction of customers, acquired with the quality of our products, with the efficiency and trust of our production system, with the knowledge and availability of technical staff, with the high level of services and the competency of the commercial network.


Vermac, Markou Georgia &CO was founded in 2006 and is a family business. However, its history begins in 1986 when it was founded for the first time as Markou Georgia with the legal form of an individual company and its headquarters in Ioannina. In 1998 the headquarters transferred to Athens in order to serve faster and better the commercial network throughout Greece. In 2002, after a great recognition of the company in the field of paints and especially in the category of special products, the company had a strong upward trend that continues to this day. In 2003 began a series of collaborations with well-known companies such as AKTOR,OLYMPIC PROJECTS,ATRATTIVO STORES,VODAFONE STORES,GREEK POST OFFICES,COSTA NAVARINO,LUXURY BOATS, and with many more well known companies, hotels, furniture manufacturers, architects, specialized polishers, who choose our products based on superior quality and excellent results.